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Thinking about buying an embroidery machine?

Let’s talk about the best quality entry-level embroidery machine Brother PE800. Despite being an entry-level embroidery machine. It has many attractive features in it starting from affordable prices to easy to use. let’s talk about some specifications.

You can obtain an entry-level machine much cheaper price than this. But, brother machines is inexpensive and specified with various features also. the PE535 which has a considerable lot of similar highlights to the PE800, however, accompanies a more modest weaving band. However, as I would see it, it's great to pay a touch more to get the bigger circle. Look at my full examination of the PE535 versus the PE800.

Specifications of Brother PE800 Embroidery Machine

IT comes with bunch of helping accessories

When we talk about brother PE800. It comes with a lot of more helping tools other than just a machine. It makes it effortlessly more beautiful and more convienient. It comes with an accessory kit including an embroidery hoop, bobbins, needle set, a large screw driver, seam ripper, screw driver, spool caps in 3 different sizes, spool net, embroidery scissors, thread, dust cover, accessory bag, usb cable and a touch pen. Other than this all you need is just embroidery thread obviously and a stabilizer and you are goo to go for your sewing project.

Brother PE800 and PE770 uses the same hoops

Now this must be bothering you. Why does it matter. Yes, it matters a lot. PE800 is upgraded version of PE770. Thus, if you want to buy hoops online and there is sale on the hoops of older can buy it. Or if you already have the version PE770 and now you bought the new version PE800. Both uses the same hoops, thus, no more expenses on hoops anymore.The most extreme band size of 5″ x 7″ is a colossal selling point of the PE800 over the PE535. However, 5″ x 7″ is as yet not a very huge region for weaving. Luckily you can get a bigger, repositionable circle for plans that can be parted. It permits you to fasten out bigger plans however only one out of every odd sort of bigger plan.

It has upgraded color display

This is the main reason that people is moving from PE770 to PE800. It has got color display and it helps to distinguish between the color of the thread and it makes a lot of differnece. And the color display makes it a lot more fancier and easier to use. And for those who have near vision issues, PE800 is perfectly manufactured for them.

It uses 90wt bobbin thread.

PE800 uses 90wt bobbin thread, which also very common. There nothing particular about the brand as such. You can purchase spools of the bobbin string or buy a crate of pre-installed bobbins that fit directly into the PE800 weaving machine. While the pre-injury bobbins are somewhat more costly than winding the bobbins yourself from huge spool, they do save you a lot of time since you don't need to quit weaving, unthread your machine then, at that point wind your bobbins.

It takes embroidery designs in PES format.

When you start buying embroidered products or that kin of designs you will notice that it comes in a particular format. Converting a design file into one another is not hard, but sometime due to some glitches, some hurdles happens during conversion. but , not in PES format. Because, PES format is most common format among all. And thus, the designed product came out of the much is quite high good quality design compared to others.

It is incredibly popular embroidery machine

When you search for a used PE800 online there will be hardly any sellers there. Whether it is facebook marketplace or any other platform. Because everyone is loving the design and quality of PE800 and no one is ready to sell it now. Thus, the demand of PE800 is very high and it shows the capacity of Brother PE800 to convince the people by its performance.

It is very easy to learn. You will fall in love with the process once you start to learn it. And if you know sewing than you hav already mastered the half process of it. With the hype and name of it. It has very ease of use and simplified features in it.

Brother gives you technical support over the phone.

With the name and fame brother gives you the great after sales services to its customers. It gives the technical support over phone at the time of glitches. Brother support over the phone service is only available during the day. Therefore, if you are stuck with some problem in midnight you will have to help yourself.

It is purely an embroidery machine

Many embroidery machines and sewing machines also. But, PE800 is not an sewing or an combination machine. Yes, if you know sewing you mastered te half process of it.therefore, it is absolutely right choice for the people who strictly want embroidery machine only.

PE800 does trim jump stitches. In order to trim jump stitches and all you will have to invest in the machine with the higher cost and more upgraded features. Thus, Brother PE800 is worth investing in an embroidery type of machine.

Final Thoughts on Brother PE800

Once you buy the brother PE800. It is not easy to move to the next embroidery machine. Even if it is totally or more upragded than this. The ease of PE800 is ultimate, you will never face any hurdles while operating it. And thus, it adds the more beauty in it. The process and ease of stitching in PE800 is incredible. Not only by features it also has incredible look in this price range and oce the Broher PE800 owner always the PE800 owner. And this statement is given by an owner over the facebook marketplace. Enjoy the process and fall in love with the incredible outcome of Brother PE800.

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