Retro Embroidery Designs

Beauty of embroidery design can compare with our mother nature. These design are created by human by the beautiful combination of needle and colorful threads or yarn. These design are decorated by sequins and pearls to enhance the beauty of design. In these days design are cast in hats, pillow cover, blanket, shirt, pants to attract other people. Many industries use this method to create logo in their product to attract customers.

This art is spreader all over the world from the ancient time (2th-3th century BC) . Where the relation between nature and the colour of threads are dependent to each other where needle and the needle size decide the structure of design and pattern.

These days there is a great competition between the printed design and embroidery design. The printed design is easily created by machine and design the real picture. How even embroidery design are focus on beauty and hard work of weaver but it is more time consuming and costly than printing design. How even retro machine embroidery design fulfill the gap and create the same work at less time so that the design can grow exponentially and get more popularity so that its beauty never ends.